About Us

It’s not easy being a Hitman.  Sure, it has its days but the bugs never stop.  A horde mentality that never sleeps, we have to stay sharp all the time.  It takes a toll.
Getting this effective at getting the job done wasn’t easy either. Over 30 combined years of corporate grind and working for the man until finally one day, we’d had enough.  Went rogue if you will.  I am grateful for that time spent honing our skills though. We learned everything about the enemy, and how not to run a firm. CEO bonuses and company greed doesn’t make a good service.
We are able to pass those savings on to you, and provide a more streamlined, effective service for our clientele. We are as licensed and insured as any “big company” and fully guarantee our services. Browse the rest of our site and find a service that fits, or call me directly.  Don’t waste your money on “The man”.  Hire a Hitman today.