Drywood Termite Fumigation

Drywood Termites are a difficult pest to control. The reason being they need no contact with the outside world at all to survive.

Drywood Termites typically infest otherwise sound wood, and derive all the nutritional needs from the cellulose and moisture in the wood.

Though they are called Drywood Termites, extra moisture in the wood is an added bonus for them, so typically structures near a body of water are at the most risk.

Signs of Drywood Termites include fecal pellets which often look a similar color to sand, marks and exit holes in the wood where it has been compromised, and swarms of reproductive termites from well developed nests.drywood-termite-droppings

Hitman Pest Control can eliminate Drywood Termites from anywhere in your home with a structural fumigation.house-fumigation

Fumigation is the proven best way to ensure the elimination of Drywood Termites as the gas used penetrates all areas of the home. The treatment typically takes 3 full days, and once the house is clear we can offer a bond on your home against future infestations.

Call Hitman Pest Control today for a no obligation inspection and termite evaluation of your home, and have piece of mind that you have taken the best course of action to protect your investment.

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