Pest Control


Salient Tips For Maintaining A Pest-Free Home In Florida

Maintaining beautiful homes, gardens and luscious lawns are the pride of every homeowner in Florida. Due to the excellent climate it is possible to plan a manicured lawn and grow different types of trees, plants and shrubs.

The warm weather in the tropic and sub tropical regions in North America however, attracts pests and termites that cause extensive damage to homes and properties in Florida. These range from various types of ants, common bugs, flour moths, cockroaches, wasps, bedbugs, centipedes, rodents and even snakes. Mosquitoes and sand fleas sting and leave nasty bruises on the skin while different types of cutworms and grub worms eat up the lawns and destroy them.

Fortunately, there are many pest control companies in Jensen beach that will come to your rescue and help eradicate them. Once bugs form a colony or nest, it is very difficult to get rid of the same and if they are not destroyed, they quickly reproduce and the chances of exterminating them become twice as difficult.

Whether it is your home, garden, lawn or surroundings, you should be able to protect your family, home and property from these pesky pests. The first objective is to identify the different types of termites and pests that are prevalent across Florida and this is done by periodically inspecting the home for cracks, standing water bodies, insect damage noticed on plants and locating nests, anthills and other fecal matter that suggests different types of unwanted intruders on your property.

The minute you notice them, you should call pest control in Port St Lucie and get them to help you get rid of them and salvage your vegetable garden or lawns. The pest control company in Port St. Lucie also takes care of pests that attack your furniture, clothes and home.

Manufacturers are introducing different electronic gadgets that work as repellents for moles, gophers, rodents and other animals that destroy plants and gardens. These may or may not work but there is no harm in trying them out if they can help to keep these pests away from the garden and plants. Homeowners try several diy methods that are suggested to try and handle these problems when they are minor before calling a pest control company in Palm City.

Homeowners use flytraps, light traps or other types of traps and bait to kill pests. Pesticides cause harm to humans as well as pets and therefore it is essential to use those that are at low-risk. If using baits and traps, they should be kept out of reach of children and your pets.

Insecticidal soaps that contain fatty-acids are recommended for getting rid of insects, fleas, mites and caterpillars. It works effectively to destroy them. However, it is not a safe proposition when there are children and pets in the house. If they happen to ingest the same, there can be grave repercussions. A safer solution would be to ring up a few pest control companies in Stuart Fl and get quotes for getting rid of pests and termites.

How to prevent pests from entering homes

  1. Homes should be cleaned regularly and mattresses and rugs aired out to prevent fleas, bedbugs and other mites settling on them.
  1. The kitchen is a place where pests are most attracted. This is because they look for food and shelter. Ants, cockroaches and rodents will enter a home through tiny crevices and cracks and hide under the kitchen sink, in cupboards and other dark places.
  1. Soiled plates should never be left to accumulate in the sink. They should be rinsed and immersed in soapy water.
  1. Food spills should be mopped up with soapy water. The kitchen floor should be free of food crumbs and the garbage should be cleared out from the kitchen. Fresh garbage bags should be used every day.
  1. Floors should be swept and regularly and other areas should be vacuumed.
  1. All containers in the kitchen should be tightly sealed and no jars or cans should be left uncovered on the counters or in cupboards.
  1. If there are pets in the home, their bowls and mattresses should be clean at all times. Dogs should be brushed regularly to ensure that fleas do not settle on them.
  1. If any cracks or crevices are noticed in the cupboards, screen doors, baseboards, ducts, electrical outlets and moldings, they should be sealed with silicone caulk.
  1. Do not stack debris or firewood in the backyard as pests will climb over them and enter the house through the window sills.
  1. Make sure that there is no stagnant water collecting in puddles outside the home as fleas and mosquitoes are quickly drawn to this.
  1. Remove the leaves and debris from the garden regularly as bugs, ants and rodents use these as their hiding place.
  1. Vacuum and dust furniture and mattresses regularly to prevent bugs settling on them.

Since most of these pests increase and multiply quickly, make sure to call the pest control company in Jensen beach or any of the pest control companies in Port St Lucie to tackle the problem. Many of these companies are reputed and licensed to offer solutions with guarantees. If you sign a maintenance contract with them, they will ensure periodic inspections and use the right chemicals and pesticides to try to get rid of them permanently.

Points to consider for maintaining the garden and lawns

It is a good idea to talk to the horticulturist or a knowledgeable person at the store where you select your plants and fertilizers. They offer guidelines and suggestions that will help you when you are starting anew. Care should be taken to select the right type of soil, mulch and nutrients that are necessary for maintaining a great lawn, garden or for growing vegetables and flowers.  Some types of bugs and worms aid in making your garden grow and keeping certain pests away. Get all the information you can when you plan to grow your own vegetable patch or wish to beautify your garden and lawns.

  1.  Avoid purchasing plants that attract pests.
  1. Some bugs such as assassin bugs, ladybugs and the praying mantis eat pests and aphids that destroy the garden plants. Try introducing these in your garden.
  1. Use bird screening to keep birds from eating the vegetables when they are at a tender stage.
  1. Make it a point to know the types of pests that can destroy the garden or lawns. Grow vegetables that will survive the conditions. Use the right pesticides in the mulch that will not harm family members when they are ingested.

Types of garden pests

  1. Gophers, moles and squirrels

These pests eat garden plants and infest lawns. If you notice any gophers in your garden, try planting gopher spurge which acts as a repellent and will keep them at bay. You can also use organic fertilizers or stuff their tunnels with dog feces to prevent them from making your garden their home. It is important to remember that some of these fertilizers use sewage based products that are harmful and should not be sprayed in areas where there is likelihood of contact with children or pets.

  1. Whiteflies, aphids and scale damage shrubs and flowers. It is necessary to use pesticides to get rid of them. You can also call the pest control company in Jensen beach to deal with them and help eradicate them.
  1. Snails, slugs and grub worms. Snails leave slime tracks and damage leaves of plants. Care should be taken to discourage these types of pests. Certain home remedies are available online for destroying garden slugs. Try sprinkling some cornmeal or leave some beer traps lying around as they attract slugs. Sprinkling salt on them will dry them out but this should not be done in the garden as salt affects the soil. In order to protect your vegetable garden, try growing some mint, chives, foxglove, garlic or rooibos around the patch to form a barrier which will deter slugs from attacking the vegetables.
  1. Bees, hornets and wasps also create a nuisance in the garden. Call the pest control company in Port St Lucie if you see hives or large nests and they will have them removed.
  1. Fire ants and sweet ants also cause destruction and should not be allowed to roam around. Sweet ants produce honey which in turn attracts other insects and ants that destroy the flowers and plants in the garden.

A practical approach to treating pests would be a combination of using biological controls and chemical control to safeguard the home and property. A study of the pests will help and if one is aware of the habits and life cycle of the pests, it helps when using certain types of chemicals at particular times in the year.

While some pests are good for the garden as they bring more nutrients to the soil, others are destructive. In order to maintain a healthy garden, it is a good idea to prepare the soil and mow, prune, fertilize and irrigate it properly. The right types of chemicals should be used for destroying pests and this is something that good pest control companies in Jensen beach spend time learning.

Get in touch with the pest control in Stuart Fl and make an appointment with them. They will come and inspect the problem and offer solutions. To protect your home from cockroaches, rodents, mice, ants and birds, call the pest control in Jensen beach.  Crickets can also be a nuisance as they are not only noisy but they eat anything in the home including clothing material. These exterminators are professionally qualified to handle different types of pests and use the right treatment to get rid of them.

The Pest control company in Port St. Lucie has knowledge of the behavior patterns of different types of pests and can offer tailored packages for controlling certain pests. It is possible to purchase baits and traps in home stores but it is not so easy disposing of these. There is a danger that the pesticides that are leftover may come in contact with the drinking water and cause harm to the members in the home.

Solutions to maintaining a pest-free home and garden

There are many pest control companies in Florida that are qualified and licensed in pest control treatments Get referrals from other people and find out if they were satisfied with their services.  You should be able to trust their judgments so take time to shop around and get quotes from several companies. The company will make a careful inspection and apprise you of the extent of infestation, nature of the pests and offer right solutions for the problem.

It is not necessary to restrict your choice. Get several quotes and talk to people who have used the services of the pest control company that you have selected.  Sign a written contract with the pest control in Palm City for a year or two years and if you are happy with their services, you can ask for an annual maintenance contract.

The pest control in Jensen beach has the right gear, tools and treatments to take care of different types of termites and pests. They have qualified technicians that are insured and licensed to work for them. Call their customer support team if you have any queries and fix an appointment with their supervisor or technician.

In order to have peace of mind and ensure that your family members are safe in your home, call the best pest control in Stuart Fl  or the pest control company in Palm City to take care of the problem. Once your home is free of pests, you should make sure that you keep your home spotless and clean to prevent these pests from entering your home. The garden and surrounding areas should also be maintained and be free from leaves and debris clutter.  Maintaining a lawn is not easy and if you get into a contract with one of the pest control companies in Port St. Lucie you will be able to boast of a beautiful home and enjoy the peace and tranquility that you desire.