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Port St. Lucie Pest Control

Hitman Pest Control is proud to offer residential and commercial pest control servicestermite servicebed bug eliminationrodent controlrodent exclusion and fumigation for Port St. Lucie, Florida and surrounding areas.

Armed with the best products and treatments in the industry and our experience, Hitman Pest Control is the clear choice for your pest control needs. Whether you need a regular pest control service, a one time pest control service, have a business that requires treatment, a home for sale that needs a termite inspection, or even a fumigation for bed bugs or drywood termites Hitman Pest Control has you covered.

We are locally owned and operated in the Treasure Coast and extend services from Palm Bay to Palm Beach. Our combined staff experience is over 35 years, and we are fully licensed and insured for all pest control and termite control work.

The most common question or concern we run into is “are your products safe for children and pets?” All our products are EPA registered, and applied according to the concentration and treatment areas listed on the product label. Certain pest control treatments do need some special arrangements to be made, but for the most part all our products when correctly and professionally applied are safe for children and pets.

Pest control services in areas such as Palm Bay, Florida are particularly important due to the hot weather and large amounts of rain we get. Any change in moisture or temperature can send bugs scurrying to higher to seek shelter, sometimes that is our homes! Regular pest control service is the best way to manage your environment, making your home and yard free from unwanted pests.

By far our most popular service is our no contract bi-monthly pest control. The service includes a perimeter power spray, fire ant spot treatment, removal of spider webs and wasp nests, a full interior treatment as well as insect specific treatments for all roaches, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders and silverfish, for a total of 25 different common pests. All call backs in between regularly scheduled pest control visits are included in the price.
We do also offer monthly pest control for commercial businesses, as well as a quarterly exterior pest control service for those with a schedule that doesn’t allow for you to be able to meet your pest control technician. Learn more from the link below.
Home Service—CLICK HERE

If you are concerned about protecting your home or business from subterranean termites and drywood termites, Hitman Pest Control has the termite control solution for you at an affordable price. We use only the best termite products whether we are doing a ground treatment for subterranean termites or a fumigation for drywood termites. We are able to then put a bond on your home to protect against termites ever being a problem again.
Subterranean Termites—CLICK HERE
Drywood Termites—CLICK HERE

If rodents are the issue, Hitman Pest Control can definitely put a hit out on those dirty rats! Seasonally as the weather cools, rodents seek to gain entry to homes to stay warm. They are attracted to water sources and fruit trees, and can often gain access to the home through the attic. Hitman Pest Control provides baiting, trapping and exclusion services. If rodents are able to gain access into a home, there must be an entry point. Hitman Pest Control will seal up all the accessible holes to physically keep the rodents out. We will then place traps in all the areas of activity inside, and place secured rodent bait stations on the exterior to help reduce the population. We can carry this out as a standalone service, or it can be effectively combined with our regular pest control service. Feel free to get further information from the links below.

Bed bugs are everyone’s worst nightmare, and Hitman Pest Control are the bed bugs worst nightmare! We have a variety of treatments available for bed bug control and elimination. Our most popular residential bed bug service is fumigation. The 100% kill rate and lack of need for extensive preparation make it the most effective choice. For commercial problems, we understand that fumigation may not be an option, and can offer a localized chemical or heat treatment. There are a number of ways you can get bed bugs. Staying in hotels, having company stay with you and buying used furniture are among the top ways we have encountered these pests being spread. There are ways to protect yourself, feel free to follow our link below for all you need to know about bed bugs.

Are you a property manager looking to make your life easier and save your clients money? We currently service multiple area multi-resident properties with great effect. We can provide exterior services, collect the keys from your office and provide interior service, and even take over existing termite bonds if you feel like you are locked into contract. Call Hitman Pest Control for all your property needs, or simply for a second opinion. More information below.
Property Management—CLICK HERE

Whatever your need we have you covered. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards for your convenience. Our scheduling system will allow us to securely store payment information, allow you to confirm appointments right from an email, or even send a text message to your phone if you prefer. Hitman Pest Control has all the benefits of hiring a large company, without the inflated expense, and with the satisfaction of choosing a local company to work for you.

We also love referrals! If you refer any friends or family members to Hitman Pest Control, we will match their price to yours even if our rates have increased, and give you a $20.00 referral credit bonus on your account. Friends don’t let friends use big pest control companies!

We are 110% committed to exceeding your expectations. We are so confident in this that all our services are backed with a satisfaction or money back guarantee and we will even match or beat old existing agreements. No contracts are necessary for residential services, an old fashioned hand shake will do.

Remember, there are plenty of bug companies around but only one Hitman. Put a hit out on your pests today!

For Port St. Lucie Pest Control, call the Hitman at 772-634-2798call the Hitman at 772-634-2798.