Rodent Control

Rodents are always around in nature, but when they enter your home they can become a nightmare.

Rodents are capable of transmitting diseases directly and also by carrying fleas which in turn can transmit disease.

Rodents can be very destructive in the home, destroying and nesting in multiple materials including insulation, drywall and belongings.

While the odor from urine and feces is certainly unpleasant, they too can lead to multiple diseases and add to existing disorders especially respiratory.

Occasional trapping is included in our regular pest control, however sometimes extra measures are needed. We are able to add exterior bait boxes to any pest control plan or offer it as a stand alone service.
rodent-control-in-port-st-lucieSometimes faults in construction or openings into the building can be an entry point for a rodent which may need addressing. A hole the size of a quarter can allow access for a fully grown rat, and a hole the size of a dime will provide entry for mice and adolescent rats. We do provide exclusion services to eliminate these openings. By using a combination of exclusion, bait and trapping, we can restore order to your home quickly and effectively.

Most exclusion work can be quoted over the phone based on house size,
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Effective Measures for Proper Rodent Mitigation in Florida

The humid subtropical climate in Florida attracts various types of pests and some of the most common of them are rodents. Many homes and gardens are infested with different types of pests and termites. Homeowners try to keep the environment clean and use various types of baits and traps to ensure that they maintain the gardens and their homes but most of the time it is an uphill task and they required to enroll the services of a reputed rodent control in Palm City to take care of their properties.

One of the major pests that attack homes, gardens and lawns are rodents.  The ones that are normally found in Florida homes are the House mouse, Roof rat and the Sewer Rat. Rodents damage materials such as wood, plastic, wiring and pipes and other items in the home by using their teeth to gnaw at them. If they nibble at stored food, there is a grave danger of contamination. Most of these rodents will urinate all over the place as they have no bladder control and this causes problems especially when there are children and pets in the home.

Danger of contamination and contact with rodents

Recent studies on the subject reveal that rodents can spread nearly 35 types of diseases when humans come in direct contact with their urine, feces, saliva or bite. Rats, mice and rodents are carriers of diseases which include leptospirosis, Hantavirus, Rate Bite Fever, Typhus, Salmonella and Plague. Some of these diseases are fatal and it is in the best interests of the people in the homes to report cases of rodent infestation and seek effective and reliable rodent control in Jensen beach.

Several general tips are offered for trying to prevent rodents from entering the home


  • Entry points in the home should be sealed as these rodents can squeeze their way through holes that are about ¼ inch!
  • Make sure to sweep and swab the kitchen counter tops and floors with soap water after a meal. Food spills attract rodents, mice and rats and once they find food, they will look for shelter in the home
  • Do not let litter lie around as rodents will make their nests among papers that are piled hap-hazardly or in stored boxes. They use insulation material, clothing, paper and other fibrous materials to build their nests and cause damage by contamination.
  • Check the basements and attics regularly as these are ideal nesting places where they gather to form nests. Make sure that they are clean and not piled with junk and empty boxes.

How to identify infestation of rodents

  • Evidence of gnawing marks on foodstuffs, metal, plastic, wood and pipes
  • Rodents leave droppings and stains in areas where they feed and this is dangerous as humans and pets can come in contact with the same.
  • When rats run over pipes and wires, their fur leaves grease stains that are dark. You can spot this near the entrance of holes made by them.
  • Rodents leave marks of their tails or footprints on dust and other nesting sites. If you look carefully at debris lying on the ground you can find more tell-tale marks.
  • Rats make scratching sounds at night as they scurry around looking for food and if you hear them you can be sure there are many more lurking around.

Types of rodents commonly found in Florida

  1. The House Mouse has soft brown or gray fur and dark whiskers. They can be identified by a patch of white fur under their bellies. They are not as large as the typical rate and the length of their bodies on an average is roughly 3 – 4 inches with a thin and scaly tail measuring around 3 – 4 inches. These types of rodents move around n the daytime and can be identified by a musky odor. They feed on cereal grains and enjoy nibbling on morsels of food lying around. They form nests using shredded paper or different types of materials.
  1. The Roof rat measures 13 to 18 inches with very long tails and large ears and is referred to commonly as the black rat though it is dark brown in color. These types of rodents nest in attics preferably though they also make nests in garbage, woodpiles, plants and trees. They are able to squeeze through tiny holes and enter the homes. They are normally seen immediately after sunset and early morning before the sun rises. They thrive on citrus fruits, papayas, nuts and almost anything edible. Some people keep snakes in their gardens to kill fruit rats that are in the area.
  1. If fruit rats are found in your garden, they can cause extensive damage. It is necessary to protect the fruit trees by applying tree guards around the fruit. This will help to prevent them from climbing up the tree. It is advisable to prune fruit trees regularly and ensure that they do not touch other structures such as the house or a utility pole. Brush leaves and dry leaves should not be allowed to accumulate on the ground. They should be swept and removed from the garden to avoid rodents hiding or making their nests there.
  1. Sewer rats or Norway rats, as they are commonly called, measure 6 to 8 inches long and have small beady eyes, ears and a blunt nose. Their scaly tail is not as long as the length of their body. These types of rats damage the structural integrity of houses and should be eliminated completely. These rats are not afraid of people and like to make nests by burrowing under buildings and various structures such as concrete slabs, garbage dumps, around ponds and wherever they find food, shelter and water. They are prolific breeders and can even cause fired when they gnaw through electric wires. These types of rodents move around at dusk and are nocturnal by nature.

Steps to take to prevent rodents in the home

  1. Dissuade rodents from entering the home by ensuring that all windows and doors are screened tightly
  1. Any pipes or wires in the home should also be tightly sealed at the openings to prevent them from entering
  1. Use hardware cloth, steel mesh or wool or any type of galvanized metal to block holes
  1. Lumber and firewood should not be left lying near the house. Arrange them in neat piles and ensure that there are stacked a good 12 inches above the ground.
  1. Get rid of thick bushes and brush that grows within 100 feet of the property. Grass should be neatly trimmed and not allowed to grow wild
  1. Pet bowls should be emptied at night to prevent rodents from eating the leftovers
  1. Garbage should be dispensed from the kitchen and stored in metal or plastic containers that have lids that fit tight
  1. Never let trash, discarded junk and other appliances lie around in the garden
  1. Pet food should be stored in metal cans with tight fitting lids
  1. Use traps and baits carefully after following the instructions
  1. Mothballs can be places around certain areas to deter rodents from nesting
  1. Call the rodent control in Jensen beach if you notice infestation and get them to provide the right treatment to get rid of them permanently.
  1. If you leave poison or baits around and catch some rodents dead, make sure to dispose of the bodies as soon as possible.

How to cope when rodent infestation is evident in the home

It is necessary to seek the right solution for prevention and mitigation of rodents in the home and surrounding property. Make an appointment with the best rodent control in Port St Lucie and exterminate the pests completely

The two methods generally used by homeowners when they see rodents in their home is to try and trap them or use baits to eliminate them. A better bet is to trap rats and this can give you better results than baits and poisons which can cause other problems especially if there are children or pets in the home.

One of the guidelines suggested in Florida when using tamper-resistance baits stations is to ensure that they are placed in areas that are out of reach of pets or children.

Rats love to climb and generally find their way in attics or basements. Use snap traps to effectively kill rats and dispose of the dead bodies immediately to prevent the odor from lingering in the home.  Check out the various types of traps that are available in the market and look for something that kills rats instantly.

The other option that works for small mice and rats are glue traps. The rats step on the glue and are unable to get off. They either starve or suffocate and die. Rats are known for their path memories and tend to take the same route repeatedly. Lay traps on these routes and you can catch them. Poison also helps to kill rodents but this is not a solution as they die in corners where you cannot reach and the stench that emanates from their rotting corpses will continue to linger in the home for a long time.  Dead rats attract disease and vermin and it is difficult to try to get rid of the odor. Other rats will soon take their place in your home.

Call in professional exterminators to rid your property completely from rodents

The best way to get rid of these threats from rodents in your homes is to seek professional rodent control in Palm City from exterminators. They have the capability and experience of removing these unwanted intruders from your property.

In order to get rid of rodents completely from the home, you need to get professional help for rodent control in Stuart Fl. Call several companies that are located near your home and ask them to inspect your home and offer quotes. Check out referrals to ensure you are dealing with the best rodent control in Port St Lucie Once you are assured of their professionalism, call them and have them come over to inspect your premises.

A reputed rodent control service provider will trap the rats and remove them to make sure there is no lingering odor. They will make every effort to identify the root of the problem and permanently get rid of them. Since mice can find several places to hide, it is difficult for a homeowner to look for them. The team providing rodent control in Port St Lucie will spot their nests and hiding places by bringing the right gear along with them. They will look for droppings, infestation, chew and gnaw marks and find out the nesting places.

A good pest control removal in Stuart Fl will offer several referrals of satisfactory works completed by them in various homes. They should be insured and licensed to carry out such treatment in the state of Florida. They should bring in state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff to undertake the job of eradicating rodents. They often look for permanent solutions and guarantee results. They will return after a few weeks to check that there is no evident of rats on the property. They will also seal all possible points of entry after trapping and removing the rates. If any openings are found they will ensure rat-proofing by using metal or steel mesh to block the points complete.

The pest control company should clean up the place after they have been eliminated and use a non-toxic solution to decontaminate the areas where the rats were found lurking.  Call the company and get a free quote for their services. They will offer you a tailored plan to deal with the rat menace and make out the estimate. If you sign a contract with them they will ensure that no more rats intrude into your property with guarantees.

Homeowners report peace of mind when they hand over their problems to a professional company that gets rids of pests completely. It is always advisable to ensure the best methods to keep your home and family members safe and healthy. Make sure to continue to keep the environment clean and follow the guidelines set by these companies. You will have a home free from unwanted pesky intruders such as rodents, rats and mice that can cause damage as well as bring in serious diseases.