Termite Infestations And Control Options For Eradication In Florida

People living in different parts of Florida face a problem of damage to their homes and properties due to infestations of termites.  The extensive damage caused by termites in homes far exceeds that caused by flooding, hurricanes and inclement weather. People living across Florida are concerned about this problem and look for termite treatment in Stuart Fl or termite removal in Port St. Lucie. Most insurance companies do not cover this type of damage and it is very important to check out properties carefully before purchasing them in order to have peace of mind.

Types of termites commonly noticed

Florida is home to different species of termites and the most popular ones found here are the Eastern Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, Formosan and Conehead termites. The damages caused by these termites are generally noticed only when external infestation manifests itself and sufficient damage has already been caused. Anyone purchasing property in Florida should first carry out termite inspection in Port St. Lucie or check out options for termite control in Stuart Fl.  It is necessary to check out the structural integrity and negotiate with the seller to arrange for repairs and extermination of these pests.Identify the problem

There are many companies that will carry out termite inspection in Stuart Fl. and other parts of Florida. The first step is to identify the type of species that is causing damage to the property. Since there are over 50 species of termites, it is necessary to learn about the ones that cause maximum damage in your area. If you are looking for a service provider, try to identify the type of termite species in the property by looking for signs and manifestations. Call the service provider so that they are able to bring along with them the right tools for inspection and provide solutions.

General signs that reveal the type and magnitude of infestation

Many people prefer to try out diy methods for termite removal in Stuart Fl before calling for professional help. If the problem is in the early stages, it is possible to curb the explosion of the population to a certain extent by trying to exterminate them.  The signs that one should look for when trying to identify the types of termites are:

  • Look for droppings or fecal matter that is known as “frass.” These resemble small thin strips that have rounded ends.
  • If you notice any holes or tunnels in the wooden structure, you can be sure that the termites are infesting the area.
  • If you see something that resembles a white cloud moving in your backyard, you should be aware that these are swarming termites that are attracted by light sources. These types of termites are generally active in spring and move from one breeding site to another. They form colonies and when these mature, they move to another area to form a new one.
  • A mound or heap of discarded wings lying around indicates a swarm nearby.
  • If you notice any mud tubes on wooden beams or on any exterior wall you can be sure that there is infestation.
  • Crawl spaces are also breeding grounds for termites looking for warmth and shelter.
  • If you notice surface blisters, you can be sure the infestation in that area is advanced.

When building a new home, care should be taken to use wood that do not attract termites. Some of these include white cypress, tea tree and turpentine tree. These are ideal for homes but do not eradicate the danger of termites entering the property. Termites feed on plant materials that are cellulose-based and if there any pieces of dead wood in the soil or near the foundation, they will find a point of entry and silently destroy your furniture, books and other items in the home. It is advisable when this happens to look for immediate termite removal in Stuart Fl.

The Subterranean termite

The subterranean termites build mud tunnels and elaborate systems in mounds of soil and use these to access food sources above the ground. They thrive in areas that are hot and humid as they require warmth as well as moisture to survive. As long as there are pieces of dead wood lying around, they will continue to thrive and move around in swarms. This species of termites are capable of building mud tunnels. They are unable to form tunnels through sand and if any  ant-hills are noticed in the area, the first thing that one should do is to construct a sand barrier around it before using bait traps, or “dessicating” dust to eradicate them completely. These are some methods suggested for termite control in Port St. Lucie.

The Drywood termite

Drywood termites snuggle in wood in areas that are warm and dry. These termites are similar to moths in that that they get attracted at night to any light source. These “detritivores” are about a few millimeters in length but they have been known to create havoc as they can tear woody material with their mouths. Unless they face a threat, they do not bite humans. They feed only on dead trees and plants in the soil as well as dead wood found on living trees. Look online for more details on these types of termites before you seek termite removal in Palm City.

Formosan termites

Also regarded as “super termites,” these termites are very aggressive and cause billions of property damage every year in Florida and other cities in the United States.  These swarmers form colonies by laying eggs. A colony takes about three to five years to mature and contains millions of termites. During this time, a single colony of these termites can destroy about 13 ounces of wood in a day! They also feed on paper products that contain cellulose though they will even go through soft metals, plastic and plastic when they are hungry and require moisture. They are mostly found during springtime and in the summer months when it is necessary to look for termite treatment in Stuart Fl or termite removal in Port St Lucie.

Conehead termites

These termites build their nests on the trees or on the ground unlike the subterranean and Formosan termites that build underground. They cause widespread damage to properties in Florida and every effort is being made to find the best solutions for eradicating this species.

Steps to take to prevent extensive damages to the home and properties

People are well advised to be aware of the grave dangers of damages caused by termites and pests in their home and property. Some of the important points to check when looking for termite control in Port St Lucie are:

  • Eliminate moisture conditions
  • Never allow water to stand in gutters or on the roof
  • Check for faulty water pipes and leaky faucets
  • Make sure to leave the vents open and clear
  • Seal entry that surround pipes and utility lines as these contain water
  • Discard debris and wooden stumps lying around in the garden
  • Never stack paper,  firewood or lumber near the foundation of your home
  • Avoid wood coming in contact with soil by ensuring that all wooden sidings etc. are at least 6” above the ground.
  • Inspect wooden fences and decks regularly for signs of infestation or damage.

Many homeowners periodically inspect their furniture, attic, crawl-in spaces and garden for pests and termites. Different types of chemical pesticides and sprays area available in the local home stores and depots as well as baits and traps for effective termite removal in Palm City. If the infestation has not spread, most of these treatments may prove effective. However, termite treatment in Port St Lucie and complete eradication is not easy and periodic termite control in Palm City will have to be carried out to ensure that the spread is curtailed to a large extent or entirely eradicated.

Some of the suggested remedies for termite removal in Palm City are:

  • Seal cracks by caulking windows and doorways around the home. Seal cracks and make sure to use screens on the doors and windows to prevent infestation.
  • Add pest repellent such as permethrin or similar to wallpaper glue, wood polish or paint when building or repainting your home. Some people even add permethrin to cement when using wooden flooring when looking for best methods of termite treatment in Palm city.
  • Use bait control methods or liquid products that are available in the market for termite control in Palm City.
  • Boric acid is also used as bait for termite control in Port St Lucie.  This can be sprayed with water onto wood or in the garden whenever infestation is noticed.
  • If you notice small pieces of wood that are infested with termites, stick them in the freezer or expose them to strong sunlight as they will die when subjected to such extremes.
  • Some homeowners purchase “beneficial nematodes” that thrive on garden pests when looking for termite control in Stuart Fl. As they are natural parasites, they will burrow into termite larvae and use the carcass to spawn. These natural parasites should be place in soil where temperatures are above 60°F. They can be stored in the refrigerator and planted early morning or when the sun sets as they cannot stand UV light.
  • Termites are attracted to cardboard especially when it is wet. Make spot traps and place them around the home and when you see it covered with termites, burn the cardboard for effective termite treatment in Port St Lucie.  

How to select the best termite exterminator in Florida?

Once you have identified the problem and find that you require calling in a reputable termite removal service, you should get referrals from your family members, colleagues or friends. Read the reviews and customer testimonials to find out if they have state-of-the-art solutions and equipment to guarantee termite removal in Port St Lucie.

Many companies offer solutions and back them with warranties. It is important to get guarantees from these companies about their quality of work and success rates. The other important consideration is to ensure that they use products that do not cause harm to the members in the home, especially the elderly, children and pets. Many companies nowadays use odorless liquid products that do not cause health problems.  Do not hesitate to call up some of the people listed in their portfolio to check if they are happy with the services that were provided by the company.

If you own a home in Florida and require termite treatment in palm city, check out various websites to find out which one is closest to your home. Make sure that they are reputed and licensed to carry out termite removal in palm city. Call them and fix a convenient time to inspect your premises. A professional team will bring the right gear to carry out termite inspections in Stuart FL after which they will give you an estimate for works to be carried out on your property.

Once you are satisfied with the quote, read the terms and conditions carefully. Sign a contract with the firm for and make sure to include periodic inspections during the contract period. Ideally, you should sign up for a one year guarantee and then get an annual maintenance contract signed.  Look for reputed companies that offer guarantees on their services. Many professionals from reputed companies will answer your queries and offer valuable suggestions when they arrive for a termite inspection in Port St. Lucie.

Once the termites are eradicated or destroyed, you should make it a point to focus on environmental cleanliness. Termites should not be attracted to the area and if they find a gap from which they can enter that has not been treated with chemicals, they will return. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the service provider returns after a few months to check the home and surrounding areas and ensure that your home is safe from termites.